Capelin Law North Sydney Collaborative Family Law Firm

Who We Are

Our Mission

At Capelin Law, we have set ourselves the goal of providing our clients with the best possible client experience every day. We utilise the latest in legal technology to deliver a faster and better client experience while offering certainty about legal fees with our affordable fixed fee prices.

The latest in legal tech

At Capelin Law we utilise the latest in legal technology to deliver a faster, more simplified way to manage financial separations and estate planning.

Compassionate Support

Capelin Lawyers offers a friendly and compassionate approach to guiding you through the challenges of separation or end-of-life planning, ensuring clarity and ease every step of the way.

Clear Advice

Our focus is on keeping families away from courts, where most of the time nobody really wins. It also lowers costs – financially and emotionally.

Capelin Law is a boutique law firm with a difference, located in North Sydney.

Our principal Andrew has a wealth of legal experience, with over 25 years experience in legal practice and business, having practised as a barrister for almost a decade.  Andrew is also a mediator and collaborative practitioner. 

At Capelin Law, Andrew and his team specialise in the following areas:

We approach every matter from the point of view of the best way towards a resolution, we aim to preserve your assets and relationships.

Andrew Capelin

Principal Director

Andrew Capelin is the Principal of Capelin Law; he is a lawyer, mediator and collaborative practitioner with over 25 years of experience in legal practice and business. Capelin Law is built on the belief in making every effort to help people resolve their issues without using a court. This approach is faster, cheaper and less stressful. Therefore we believe it is just a better way of doing things.

Andrew practiced as a barrister for about 10 years which makes him very competent and confident in a courtroom! Ironically, Andrew now handles very few litigation matters these days, preferring to focus on helping families resolve their issues collaboratively.   

Consequently, Andrew finds collaborative practice to be a very fulfilling part of the work that he does and is passionate in his belief that it gives better outcomes for families.

Andrew’s other passion is playing golf.