Coping with Your Fears While Going Through a Divorce

Capelin Law Blog Coping with Your Fears While Going Through a Divorce

Living in a failing marriage can cause agony. But deciding to divorce can intensify anxiety. Your marital problems may be a known enemy, whereas separation is the unknown. Being in a lifetime relationship brings comfort. You have mastered the daily routine of living in an unhappy situation. However, you deserve better. So, why is your […]

How to Bring Positive Energy into Your Home

Creating Positive Energy in your Home after Divorce with Feng Shui

Going through a divorce can open up opportunities for positive energy, new beginnings & a fresh start in life. It can feel liberating to think about the possibilities that come after being trapped in an emotionally taxing & stressful situation for so long. As you work towards creating a new life for yourself, it’s essential […]

Narcissistic Spouse & Learned Emotional Intelligence


Dealing with a narcissist is tough, but there is a silver lining. You can learn valuable lessons that will make you smarter regarding relationships. For example, you might learn how to set boundaries, communicate more effectively, or recognise the warning signs of a toxic relationship. These skills will be applied to all kinds of relationships, […]

Five Types of Friends You Need after Divorce

Friends You Need after Divorce

A summary of the five types of friends you need after divorce. During divorce, the partner you once considered your best friend may now feel like an antagonist. While you’ve probably had other friendships over the years, your spousal relationship may have superseded them. Therefore you may wonder who you can turn to now & […]