Capelin Law Blog gives advice on four reasons to choose collaborative divorce and avoid going to court.

Four reasons to choose a collaborative divorce (and avoid going to Court)

In a traditional divorce model separating partners face off against the other with the mindset that both individuals are fighting it out in order to preserve their own interests. Emotions run high and as a lawyer it can be easy to let your client’s emotions govern the process. Whilst not uncommon, taking the ‘warfare’ approach is usually short-sighted and detrimental for all involved. We don’t work that way. We will tell you the tough stuff up front. You won’t always get what you want out of this but if you do it collaboratively, you will be far better off.

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Two wedding rings one for the woman and one for the man.

5 ways to save $$$ on your divorce

It’s one of the first questions my clients ask. How much is this going to cost?
The answer of course is a pineapple. It depends very much on you and how you are going to handle it.

Here’s five things you can do to save money on your divorce:

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