We are separating is my ex entitled to half of my superannuation?

Is my ex entitled to half of my superannuation?

The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court considers a number of factors when deciding who gets what after separation. It is important to know that while you may not need to pay your ex any of your superannuation, it is considered to be a part of your joint property pool for division. Your property pool will also include any bank accounts, motor vehicles, property or shares held jointly with your ex or solely.

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Financial separation and family property settlement simplified.

Family Property: Financial Separation, Simplified.

Capelin Law is always on the hunt for innovative new legal technology which can help us more efficiently manage the administrative side of our work. We have been working with FamilyProperty for a while now. It is an exciting new tool which streamlines the entire family property settlement process through one unique platform. It reduces the amount of time spent on administration, leaving more time to focus on achieving the right outcome for you and your family.

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