Five Types of Friends You Need after Divorce

Friends You Need after Divorce

A summary of the five types of friends you need after divorce. During divorce, the partner you once considered your best friend may now feel like an antagonist. While you’ve probably had other friendships over the years, your spousal relationship may have superseded them. Therefore you may wonder who you can turn to now & whether you have the energy to build your relationships with other people.

However, divorce is definitely a time to nurture your relationships with your friends. Why? Friendship is essential to your emotional health & physical health. It’s time to recognise which friends support you when you’re at your lowest & remind you of who you are & how valued you are.

Here are five wonderful types of friends to have after divorce. Hopefully you’ll recognise some of your pals in this list.

1. The empathic friend

Someone who understands what you’re going through ~ as they’ve been through it themselves.

A friend who has already navigated divorce territory & lived to tell the tale can offer you some critical support & guidance right now. They may even be able to steer you in the right direction to get the help you need.

Your empathetic friend also probably knows first hand that relief & joy are just around the corner. If you know someone who has been through a similar ordeal, now may be your time to connect.

2. The fun-loving extrovert

Going out & having fun may be the last thing you want right now, but your fun-loving extroverted friend knows that’s exactly what you need. 

This sprightly friend can pick you up off the floor, choose your outfit, bundle you into the car, & make you indulge in something enjoyable – even if you arrive kicking & screaming. Before you know it, you’ll be laughing in spite of yourself & even admitting that a good night out was just what you needed. 


3. The problem-solver

Divorce clouds the mind. These days, you may find it difficult to even get dressed so you can get to work. There are so many decisions to contemplate, & thinking about anything else but your despair just doesn’t seem possible.

Fortunately, if you have a problem-solver friend, they can help you navigate divorce & life in general. Their mission is to help you survive, hold you up & support you until you can do it on your own.


4. The realist

Maybe you’re feeling deceived or abandoned at the moment. Maybe you want your ex to suffer the way you’re suffering. 

Your realist friend will be there to stop you making decisions you will regret.. Not a good idea to send an anonymous email to your ex’s boss revealing dirty secrets. And no, refrain from stalking your ex’s new girlfriend on social media because it will only make you more unhappy.

Your realist friend is there to keep pulling you back to reality & they will keep you in check.


5. The good listener

A good listener is a valuable friend who knows you well. 

They will go through the highs & the lows right by your side, whilst reminding you the entire time that you’re witty, smart & attractive – all the things you need to hear.

This friend listens not just with their ears but also with their heart. They do not judge, nor do they give advice that ticks you off, they just listen, love & support no matter what.


Would you like more friends? 

Reconnect with existing friends

After divorce, friendships are a crucial lifeline that can keep you engaged, optimistic & fulfilled in your new single life. It’s a great time to reach out to old friends you’ve lost touch with.

Work friends


Have you turned down offers of drinks after work or taking part in after hours activities because you felt you needed to be home? Workplace friends give you a lot of things in common & can also make work more enjoyable.


New friends

After divorce, taking up a new hobby, class or exercise regime can be especially rewarding. New connections can be invaluable.  Think about what you enjoy doing & reach out to local people, groups or organisations in your neighbourhood.

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