Family Property: Financial Separation, Simplified.

Financial separation and family property settlement simplified.

Capelin Law is always on the hunt for innovative new legal technology which can help us more efficiently manage the administrative side of our work. We have been working with FamilyProperty for a while now. It is an exciting new tool which streamlines the entire family property settlement process through one unique platform. It reduces the amount of time spent on administration, leaving more time to focus on achieving the right outcome for you and your family.   

Joint CEOs and founders, Fiona and Tim Kirkman, designed FamilyProperty for law firms, mediators, and family services to help make the difficult process of separation easier.  

Some of the features of FamilyProperty that are proving useful to our practice and family law clients include:  

  • A tailored experience for each individual client  
  • Client portal which provides a simple way for documents to be uploaded  
  • Interactive balance sheet  
  • Percentage outcomes, such as target percentages for each party  
  • A mobile-friendly interface 

Interactive balance sheets

A feature proving particularly useful for our firm is the interactive balance sheets, which are easy to learn, and powerful enough for any asset pool. The slide-across toggle function, pictured below, allows us to compare proposals and visually see the points in dispute, giving the option to consider all possible outcomes. For example, if we are trying to achieve a 60/40 split of assets for our client, we can enter this in as the desired final outcome, and modify the split of individual assets accordingly.  We have found the balance sheets particularly helpful in matters involving mediation, where both sides of separated families are able to collate and exchange information and documents securely and access the proposal mechanisms.  

Two-Way Disclosure

Often, the process of disclosure can be frustrating and time consuming for all involved. It can involve hours of categorising files against a balance sheet, sending documents to the other side, and drafting document indexes.  

The disclosure portal of family property has completely simplified our approach to sharing and receiving files. FamilyProperty can automatically categorise them against the right item inyour balance sheet.  

Our clients also benefit from the integration of the leading and secure BankStatements service, which allows us to retrieve and analyse their bank statements in a matter of minutes, directly from their banks.  

‘Separation, Simplified’ 

With their motto being, ‘separation, simplified’, FamilyProperty’s product aligns with our focus on collaborative practice and aim of finding a quick and amicable solution that invokes openness and transparency.  

If you are interested in learning more about our Family Law services or would like more information on how we use FamilyProperty to aid in property settlement, please contact our office on 02 8604 4099 or Book a Free 15-Minute Call with Andrew.