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No matter where you are along your separation journey, we can help you. We regularly see people in the early stages of separation or even before a final separation has happened. If you are at this point rest assured we won’t be directing you towards a court room or playing on your emotions. 

Our Separation Strategy meeting is a great way of getting to know you and your situation and putting your mind at ease with any burning issues. You will likely have a lot of questions.

Our approach to family law cases

Quite often our involvement with people at this stage is minimal. It’s too early and after giving you a good idea of what to expect, what to look out for and how to deal with those early difficult times we will send you on your way to try and resolve your differences with limited guidance from us. When the time is right we will be here to help formulate a settlement plan.

It is not uncommon for people going through separation to change lawyers and we regularly help people who have previously sought legal advice from others. Sometimes a change of approach is as good as a holiday and when we take over a case from another lawyer we immediately try and map out a path to resolution.

A very small number of family law cases need to go all the way to a final hearing. For us it is an absolute last resort.

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